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Image by: Hunter Lawrence.
Image by: Hunter Lawrence

Hey everyone my name Tina! I was born and raised in New Iberia, Louisiana. I recently moved here from Texas to Springfield last June 2015. I haven’t explored Oregon, but I enjoy the outdoors and since Oregon is such a beautiful place I can not wait to become one with nature. This is my first year at Lane, but this is not my first time in college. Even though I’ve had previous college experience I’m still unsure to what I want to major in. I’m slowly drifting towards opening up my own business, but my options for choosing a major are unlimited. I’ve always wanted to pursue in a field that I’m passionate about, so why rush it? I’m hoping by just taking general education classes and at least receiving an associates transfer degree  I’ll have an idea of what I want to major in while at lane.. By taking this Technical Writing class I feel like everything I’ll learn will be useful. What I mean is if I officially decide to pursue in business this class will be perfect for me. I’ll learn how to properly and professionally write as any business woman should! What are some good places to explore in Oregon?